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Quality Team

Dedicated experienced team with very ambitious goals and future.

Proven Methods

Our researches contain some of the most powerful wealth-generating ideas used by wealthiest people and institutions.

Secure Investment

Strategy of taking advantage from IV change and arbitrage opportunities in the market is not maybe the most profitable way, but it's a way of safer and reliable income.

Privacy Protection

Our priority is safeness of our investors. We work and try a lot about it. So please don't share with anyone your personal information (surname, address, phone, card number etc.) outside of the website.

Payments Within 24 Hours

Anytime you can order a withdrawal. We carefully work to confirm and smoothly complete the transactions. If you wish you can join our Monday-Payday program. Which we sent automatically your earned interests to your wallet every Monday. We believe it's a great way to start the week.

Whats The Key Point?

Loyal Investors, Loyal Investments!

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Markets moving in 4 stages
We wish it would be but, there is no straight line. Price can do one of three things. Move up, move down, move sideways. We believe price does this in 4 stages. By identifying the stage, we can better allocate our buys to take advantage of selloffs and maximize price increases to take profits. Pattern in the picture is the master key to understanding price movement and our system.


We've Got Answers !

Check the most frequently asked questions below.

We have around 5 to 9 years of experienced team members behind ESHfund. That is our main reason to success in financial fears.

Regards to our investors first policy we always try to give the best services to all our clients.

Carefully fulfill the 'Sign Up' form. After filling out the form, if everything is done correctly after our review, your personal account will be opened.


Minimum withdraw is $10

Even though we try to bring passive income to our investors. We know that there is a risk in any type of investments but big risk should come with big rewards. And we are good at managing them.

Registration can be completed by anyone who is 18 years or more.

It's a program where you can earn extra money by inviting new members to our platform. It is enough for you to share your referral link with your friends & acquaintances, and if they follow your link to our website and choose their plan, you will be credited %3 of their investment.